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Blutech is a ceramic project in full body porcelain stoneware made from the purest raw materials. Blutech is the product of innovative manufacturing technology and scrupulous research aimed at obtaining unparalleled surface finishes. The result is a beautiful and modern product that is technically superior, durable, flat, and guaranteed for up to 20 years. The five surprising surfaces, six modern colours, and three formats make up a complete, elegant, and versatile collection. Blutech is designed to accompany modern life in all of its activities and settings: from public and high-traffic work spaces to prestigious, residential, and luxurious environments.

Blutech is the most highly evolved porcelain stoneware technical collection currently present on the market. The elegant tone-on-tone shades and its outstanding durability are obtained thanks to an innovative “Double loading” technique. Through this exclusive and patented technological process, the purest micronised raw materials and granules of coloured stoneware are fully combined in two overlapping layers which are then pressed together with the pressure of 7,500 tonnes. This perfect compaction gives the product an extraordinary resistance to impact.

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