Spring into Tiles with us this Spring-Summer 2024 - 3 Must-See of RICE Fields Mutina Collections!

Below is a selection of meticulously curated Mutina tile collections, thoughtfully chosen by RICE Fields for the Spring/Summer '24 season! 

Prepare to be inspired by the exquisite designs and innovative aesthetics of these collections as we unveil them below, offering a glimpse into the possibilities of enhancing the beauty of your living spaces.

Mutina Tile Collection #1: TIME

Photo (Left) - Dover White Rough with Virginia Blue Smooth & Highland Green Smooth details. Photo (Right) - Etna Black Smooth with Dover White Smooth details.

Mutina Time, designed by renowned designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, celebrates a decade-long collaboration between Mutina and the talented duo. (Who is behind highly-received works such as Mews, Puzzle, Mistral, Primavera, and Rivington Tables

Photo (Left) - Salta Red Smooth with Salta Red Rough details. Photo (Right) - Highland Green Smooth with Highland Green Rough details.

Photo (Left) - Virginia Blue Rough with Virginia Blue Smooth details. Photo (Right) - Sahara Sand Rough & Sahara Sand Smooth.

Photo (Left) - Dakota Grey Rough with Dover White Rough & Sahara Sand Rough details. Photo (Right) - Atlas Brown Smooth with Etna Black Rough details.

Time serves as an exploration of the natural weathering processes, where frequent actions of water and wind gradually abrade and refine surfaces, shaping landscapes and transforming rugged features into sleek forms.

"The concept of time has actually been a recurring theme in several of our collections. Time delves into the manner in which objects, over time, either weather and acquire a rough texture due to exposure to the elements or interact with humans, becoming smoother through the years."

- Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby

Mutina Time is available in three sizes (205x205mm, 390x205mm, 390x390mm) and eight colours (Etna Black, Dakota Grey, Dover White, Salta Red, Highland Green, Virginia Blue, Sahara Sand, and Atlas Brown). 

Inspired by elements of Geology, Geography, Landscape, and Place, these designed tiles offer versatility and aesthetic appeal. Each colour and size option comes in two finishes, Rough and Smooth, designed to complement each other seamlessly. With the potential for infinite layouts, this collection caters to the creative vision of individuals seeking unique and expressive designs.

Find out more about the Time collection here!

Mutina Tile Collection #2: FRINGE

Photo (Center) - Bold Red & Thin Red

A visionary collection by designer Michael Anatassiades is Mutina Fringe, marking his new collaboration with Mutina since 2023. Fringe, named after its ornate border made of threads or strips, is a pioneering design concept for Mutina. Each tile is intricately and uniquely divided into sequences of parallel segments of two widths, etched directly onto the surface.

Photo (Left) - Bold Rose & Thin Rose, Photo (Center) - Bold Red & Thin Red, Photo (Right) - Bold White & Thin White.

The distinct spacing of the grout creates a "brick-like" pattern, offering endless possibilities by interlacing them into various layouts through simple orientation changes. This creative approach results in many sets of seamless carpets, with or without borders, that effortlessly delineate spaces, harmonizing with any environment.

“I always liked how open-plan interiors allow for different functions to take place in multiple layouts. Yet, the space always seems to divide itself naturally in clearly defined areas, as a sequence of activities across the floor. You can imagine these taking place over a series of perfectly fitted rectangular carpets, each with a different pattern, marking territory for each of the act. The most interesting moment is the point when you move from one to the next, the act to follow defined by the fringe around the borders.”

- Michael Anastassiade

Mutina Fringe comes in a single size (123x123mm), offering two variants – Thin (with segments of 6mm) and Bold (with segments of 15mm), and five captivating colours (White, Anthracite, Grey, Red, and Rose). It was created in mind with a standard joint of 3mm to showcase a prominent line look overall. 

The Thin and Bold variants can be beautifully paired together, allowing for infinite interpretations and dynamic layouts by altering the pattern orientation. 

Discover more about the Fringe collection here!

Please note that the use of epoxy grout is recommended to ensure chromatic stability and wear resistance over time. Depending on the colour of the grout used – whether matching or contrasting – the final aesthetics of the tile installation will have a significant transformative effect.

Mutina Tile Collection #3: BOTANICA 

Photo (Center) - Seed White Glossy

Mutina Botanica is another captivating creation by renowned designer Tokujin Yoshioka, (with highly raved works such as Phenomenon), who once again showcases his profound fascination for the natural world and the poetic beauty and uniqueness of its forms. Botanica represents the first mosaic collection specially crafted for floors under Mutina.

“For Botanica, I have created a design that expresses the beauty of nature in different forms, as if I were painting a landscape. Senses are a fundamental element of my creative process. Not only material and visual ones, such as touch and sight but also more ‘abstract’ ones, such as the sense of smell. I am constantly looking for something that is defined and perceived by all the five senses.”

- Tokujin Yoshioka

Photo (Left) - Seed White Matt & Photo (Right) - Flower Grey Matt

Botanica features two nature-inspired elements including its names and lines: Seed, in a 140x150mm format, and Flower, in a 150x170mm format. They both boast a thickness of 9mm and are available in two mesmerizing colours – White and Grey. 

Photo (Center) - Seed Grey Matt & Photo (Right) - Flower Grey Glossy

The collection offers a choice between Super Glossy and Matt Wax-Coated finishes, which are remarkably pleasing and lovely to the touch. It gives off a harmonious cohesive or contrasting look depending on the grout colour used. 

Explore more about the Botanica collection here!

Photo credits: Mutina

All collections mentioned are V.O.C free and eco-friendly, showcasing RICE and Mutina’s strong commitment to protecting the environment. Enhance your sustainability efforts by choosing tiles certified by the Singapore Green Building Council and Singapore Green Labelling Scheme. Simply filter Singapore Green Labels under the Materials tab on our website.

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