Tiles : Design Collection

A highly innovative collection, not only for the patterns and textures, but also for the production system. Thanks to the CONTINUA technology, large slabs of the latest generation unglazed homogeneous porcelain stoneware are produced. Press-finished with 12 mm thickness, the tiles are perfectly rectified, single-work size and modular. The colours and decorations, based on rich and pleasing ceramic effects, are simply obtained by the distribution of quality porcelain stoneware mixtures. The technical features are far superior to the limits required by international standards for tiles destined to heavy traffic areas. Déchirer is available in a 8 colours palette - Bianco, Nero, Grigio, Ecrù and Piombo in the textures Decor and Neutral for Déchirer collection, and Calce, Cemento and Cenere in the textures Net and Trace for Déchirer (la Suite) collection. Designed by Patricia Urquiola for Mutina.

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