Tiles : Design Collection

Tokujin Yoshioka in collaboration with Mutina created Phenomenon, a ceramic project which is able to express the originality of the texture derived from nature not to mimic its aspect but to awaken the sensation it brings to us. A collection which evokes the research done in the last years by the much-acclaimed Japanese designer, on the interaction of the natural phenomena and laws with his creativity. Phenomenon imbues the ceramic material with virtually microscopic substances and creates a visual effect that affords depth and spaciousness on the surface. It recalls a number of expressions of patterns found in nature, such as honeycombs, snow crystals, icicle formations and plant cells, thus bringing to mind our individual experiences of the natural world. The Phenomenon porcelain stoneware mosaic tiles Rain A, Rain B, Rain C, Honeycomb A, Honeycomb B, Rock, Wind, Air and the floor and wall tile Hexagon represent the finest of modern-day Italian craftsmanship: each element is pressed individually, skillfully and accurately crafted by expert hands that have allowed us to obtain products that are 100% innovative. Peculiarity of the collection is the environmental respect.

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