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Rombini is a real interior design project, based on colour and composed by three elements: CARRÉ, LOSANGE and TRIANGLE in glazed porcelain stoneware, are produced on a mould made of many little embossing diamonds on a matt surface which gives a strong ceramic identity to the collection. Carré is available in two versions: Uni, where colour is evenly distributed throughout the whole slab, and Light, where colour is used to underline the white diamonds outlines. With Losange, the shape of the rhombus becomes bigger and turns into a chip of a mosaic. Made of double charge porcelain stoneware, each piece is installed on 27.5x25.7 cm sheets. The chromatic range results to be deep and intense, thanks to the matt surface which gives a natural character to the product. Even in this case the element is available in two versions, through the usage of matching or with contrasting grout, for a stronger vibration. Thanks to Triangle, the shape of the rhombus is interpreted in its three-dimensional shape, in order to create games of lights and shadow on the surface: the elements, realised in Large and

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