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Sixty is the collection that celebrates the sixtieth birthday of Emilgroup through a return to its origins and to the most fundamental of all its raw materials - clay - expressed in a sophisticated, elegant collection.

Sixty focuses on bare, raw, primordial earth, its nature expressed through the simple strong forms, colours and character revealed by surfaces when struck by light - the central ingredients of Emilceramica’s work over the last sixty years. Sixty features surfaces enriched with original effects derived from matter itself, with an amplified tactile dimension: a new aesthetic, in a contemporary collection ideal for architectural use, with a wealth of compositional inspirations and potentials. The collection designs interiors with the aid of two versions: the Fondo (plain) version, with natural graphic patterning and surfaces with a soft, silk feel and superior anti-slip properties thanks to the SilkTech technology, and the Timbro (stamped) version, which provides the effect of a stamped relief pattern, the key to original, creative decorative combinations.

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