Go Green with RICE - 5 Eco-Friendly and Forward-Moving Tiles to greenify & sustain your dream space!

Mother Earth constantly faces many emerging environmental challenges & threats due to our ever-increasing needs and wants, we have observed that there has been a consistent trend, where many like-minded businesses & individuals are looking to prioritize sustainability and eco-friendly options. 

It’s evident that eco-consciousness is more than just a fleeting trend - It has become an integral part of our lives, helping to shape our planet's future & influencing various businesses and individuals alike with every step of its choices made. 

At RICE, we're dedicated to showcasing not only alluring & appealing tile designs but also our commitment to being eco-friendly and sustainable overall. Our extensive collections feature tiles adorned with certifications like the Singapore Green Labelling Scheme (SGLS) label from the Singapore Environment Council and the Singapore Green Building Product (SGBP) certification from the Singapore Green Building Council.

These green-labeled tile certifications highlight our partners' dedication to reducing environmental impact, from minimizing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) emissions to incorporating recycled ceramic contents during production.

Join us as we explore five of these eco-friendly and sustainable tile picks available at RICE, where style meets sustainability in every tile.


Mirage - MAND (Certified - Singapore Green Building Council)

The Mirage Mand collection draws inspiration from the timeless charm of handmade craftsmanship, where each irregularity and imperfection tells a story of human touch and the passage of time.

These porcelain stoneware wall tiles are designed for use in both indoor and outdoor spaces, offering versatility in various installation styles - whether staggered or straight, horizontal or vertical, or even mixed with other materials.

With a size of 450x300mm, Mand provides ample creative freedom. The collection comprises four distinct structures, each available in three neutral tones spanning from warm white to terracotta to light grey.

These hues blend well, enhance the textures, and confer a strong sense of depth to any environment, offering a concept of simplicity that allows for diverse applications across various settings.

Find out more about the MAND collection here!


Mirage - OUDH (Certified - Singapore Green Building Council)

The Mirage Oudh collection embodies delicate & elegance with its timeless patterns and perfectly balanced contrasts and knots.

Available in seven natural colours, ranging from hues like cream, and olive to more classic shades of wood tones, Oudh offers ingenuity in design.

Complementing its aesthetic appeal, the collection features a comprehensive variety of sizes, including the classic 200x1200mm format, and larger format options like 250x1500mm and 200x2780mm, both with a 6mm thickness.

This versatility ensures that Oudh tiles integrate seamlessly with any design vision as they harmonize perfectly with the Biophilic Design trend, which celebrates and embraces our innate connection with nature. Be it at work or home, these materials help to evoke warmth and a deep sense of footing with their tactile surfaces and natural warm-toned colours.

Discover more about the Oudh collection here!

Mirage - Motley (Certified - Singapore Green Building Council)

In a nod to timeless sophistication, Mirage Motley effortlessly melds minimalism with expressive design language. The collection draws inspiration from a mixture of classic split slates and sedimentary stones.

They each bear distinct and peculiar characteristics, which present a unique fusion of pale veining, gentle-toned shades, and fine-grain backgrounds with a more distinct shift of colours. The result? A style that transcends nature itself.

Motley is available in eight neutral colours and seven sizes, which consist of Rio, Monterey, Wembley, Altamont, Woodstock, Liverpool, Reading & Glastonbury. Find out more about the seven sizes with us below.

Explore more about the Motley collection here!

Ragno - Amuri (Certified - Green Guard / IGBC)

Introducing Ragno Amuri, where artisanal aesthetics take center stage. With creative inspiration stemming from handmade terracotta, Amuri captures the true essence of traditional craftsmanship with its distinctively marked edges and subtle surface variations reminiscent of light clouds for this collection.

Leveraging cutting-edge production technologies, Amuri uniquely and seamlessly blends the charm of traditional ceramics with modern versatility to curate a decorative masterpiece. A homage to the Mediterranean tradition and its highly skilled craftsmen.

Amuri is available in four captivating colours (Grigio, Avorio, Cotto & Biscotto), four versatile sizes (60x120mm, 60x60mm, 20x20mm & 5,3x30mm), and two unique surface finishes (Naturale/Matt & Glossy). It also provides multiple decors & structures for you to pick from, offering endless possibilities for inspired designs.

Find out more about the AMURI collection here!

Mutina - Osso & Bottone (V.O.C certified)

Mutina Osso & Bottone marks a pioneering venture for Mutina, representing the first collection to be explicitly designed for outdoor spaces while seamlessly transitioning to indoors too. Specially crafted by Ronan Bouroullec, this collection redefines ceramic usage and versatility.

Inspired by traditional materials used for outdoor flooring, the research aimed to find an ideal finish that meets both technical requirements for outdoor use and aesthetic appeals for indoor spaces.

Osso’s layout was curated through cuts that thin the central part, offering the single element an arrangement that is similar to that of a bone. Bottone’s layout was obtained employing circular perimeter cuts, which in the juxtaposition of two elements blending with a 4mm joint, become perfect circles that are reminiscent of buttons.

Offered in two sizes - both Osso & Bottone come in Osso L (75x231 mm), Osso S (30x275 mm), Bottone L (75x321 mm), and Bottone S (30x275 mm), and are both 10 mm thick. They both boast a palette of five hues: Sabbia (sand), Grigio (grey), Rosso (red), Blu (blue), and Verde (green), made from unglazed porcelain stoneware.

These hues were achieved through a delicate mix of earth tones, enhancing the collection’s natural appearance, and accentuating its materiality and texture. With uniform processing technology used throughout the materials’ thickness, the results achieved are? A collection that exhibits superb technical and durability characteristics.

Explore these exceptional SGLS and SGBC-certified tiles on our website, where you can conveniently filter by the Singapore Green Labels category on our Materials page.

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