Inspirations Mania - Must-See RICE Residence Projects ranging from Singapore Private to Public Housing…

Curious to know how RICE tiles are being put to the test and are brought to life after they make their way to our homeowners’ homes?

In our “May-nia” series this month, we’ll take a closer & intimate look at some of the RICE tile collections we have seen being used to transform our clients' places and they look aMAYzing!

Join us for a ride down below as we showcase some of the recent past client residence projects - ranging from Singapore HDBs to Private Estates, where RICE tiles have been installed!

Project #1 - Eye-Catching Sophisticated Feel and Look for Dining Areas

Material: Mutina Déchirer

Designed by: @etherall

Photo Credits: @lilbrown.space

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Ethereall Interior Design has masterfully crafted a feature wall for a residential project’s dining area that exudes a chic sophisticated luxury look and feel overall. The wall was adorned with Mutina Déchirer tiles from RICE, which introduces and exudes a dynamic textured aesthetic appearance to the space. The Déchirer tiles complement well with the mysterious black and marble look furniture within the dining area.

Déchirer tiles by Patricia Urquiola blend the chromatism and opacity of concrete with the intrinsic qualities of ceramics. Having won many awards over the years, Déchirer was a breakthrough in the world of designer tiles. They made use of Continua technology, which allows large slabs in unglazed porcelain stoneware to be realised, with modular and single work sizes, that can be used for both floor and wall applications.

These tiles come in an 8-colour palette: Bianco, Grigio, Ecrù, Nero and Piombo in the Decor and Neutral textures, and Calce, Cemento, and Cenere in the Net and Trace textures. The colour palette consists of neutral tones which helps to create changeable spaces, that are both enchanting and harmonizing, and they keep a contemporary & refined look as a whole.

Each tile is made with high-quality porcelain stoneware, ensuring durability that exceeds international standards, making it suitable for high-traffic areas. Additionally, the collection emphasizes on environmental respect, reflecting a commitment to sustainability and being eco-friendly.

Learn more about this collection here!

Project #2 - Stylish and Minimalistic Bathroom Designs

Material: Stone Talk Rullata

Designed by: @monocotstudio

Photo Credits: @dc_dan

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Monocot Studio's residential project for a bathroom design is an attention-grabber, featuring the Stone Talk collection from RICE in Dark Rullata. The shower area showcases textured vertical ridges that provide seamless monochromatic depth.

Stone Talk tiles capture the authentic essence of stonework, creating a harmonious dialogue between indoor and outdoor spaces. Stone Talk interprets the different aspects of stone. This ceramic collection arises from a reflection on the primitive and minimalist form of stone and on the different finishes that originate from the different ways it is worked.

It consists of 3 surface finishes to showcase different appearances namely Minimal, Martellata and Rullata. With different sizes ranging from 30x120 cm, 30x60 cm, 60x120 cm, 60x60 cm, and 90x90 cm for 0.95cm thickness and 50x100 cm and 60x60 cm for 2cm thickness.

Their tile collection’s meticulous details and robust design make it a perfect choice for creating cohesive & stylish environments, highly ideal for both floor and wall coverings.

Learn more about this collection here!

Project #3 - Nature and Japandi Infused Themed Residence

Material: Gleeze

Designed by: @mediumdesignstudio

Photo Credits: @studioperiphery

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Medium Design Studio has designed a must-see penthouse residence renovation with a Japandi theme for its interiors, blending craftsmanship with nature's beauty. The natural wood elements foster a warm, inviting atmosphere, which blended and complemented well with the Beige coloured Zellige tiles from the Gleeze collection by RICE, cladding the kitchen walls as backsplashes/feature walls.

The Gleeze collection features 3D (three-dimensional) handcrafted glossy tiles where imperfection meets perfection, bringing a unique and natural aesthetic to any space. It consists of super-glossy concave and convex surfaces combined with structures and textures that bring the collection to life.

It comes in five colours - Bianco, Beige, Turchese, Giada and Grigio, available in three different sizes – 10x10 cm, 5x15 cm and 7.5x20 cm –, modular and with straight edges, for new installation options.

Learn more about this collection here!

Project #4 - Modern Chic Residence with a Touch of Tradition & Flattering Textures and Patterns

Material: Mélange

Designed by: @monocotstudio

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This Monocot Studio's modern chic residence project features a kitchen wall and backsplash clad with Bianco Zellige tiles from the Mélange collection by RICE. The apartment’s interior design harmoniously combines contemporary and traditional, along with the Mélange collection, which showcases the charm of “handmade” ceramic tiles, with a range of unique colour personalities.

It comes with different shades that play with form and glaze, revealing a vibrant chromatic consistency created by the almost infinite patterns within each of the 9 colours, namely Bianco, Nero, Beige, Teal, Oltremare, Kaki, Bordeaux, Glicine and Acquamarina. With a Glossy surface option and a tile dimension of 10x10mm.

Learn more about this collection here!

Project #5 - Stunning & Timeless Minimalist Residence

Material: Panaria The Place

Designed by: @artistroomsg

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Artistroom SG has outdone itself with a private residential project that was seamlessly clad in District Smoke tiles from the Panaria The Place collection from RICE.

The Place collection merges Vals stone and marble quartzite, curating a visually striking stone effect. The varied graphic effects are layered in a texture full of highly realistic details, which results in a new mineral look that complements and blends well across all installation applications. Either for wall or floor and for indoor or outdoor.

Available in five colour variants - Midtown White, County Beige, Suburb Grey, District Smoke and Cottage Dark, with varying sizes - 5 x 60 cm, 7.5 x 60 cm, 15 x 60 cm, 20 x 20 cm, 20 x 30.2 cm, 20 x 40.4 cm, 30 x 60 cm, 60 x 60 cm, 60 x 120 cm, 90 x 90 cm, and with thickness options - 9 mm, 12 mm & 20 mm, these tiles also provide 3 decor options, namely Chevron, Mosaico & Muretto, to display a sophisticated and modern appearance with an intensely natural look.

These natural colours are easy to combine for intimate and vibrant atmospheres of positivity and simplicity. Learn more about this collection here!

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