Mutina unveiled new tile designs at Milan Design Week 2023 and they’re gorgeous!

The recent Milan Design Week in April is the most influential and important event on the international calendar for furniture and interior design. Presenting four new collections at Casa Mutina Milano during Milan Design Week, Mutina impressed with decorative surfacing designs from beloved collaborator Patricia Urquiola as well as first time partner Michael Anastassiades. The designers’ ideas translated into tiles as well as a 3D object that upheld Mutina’s reputation for material coverings rooted in playful experimentation, innovation and storytelling. RICE is honoured to be the exclusive distributor for Mutina in Singapore. Discover the four new collections below, and at riceLAB!

Mutina Mater by Patricia Urquiola

Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola’s partnership with Mutina started way back in 2008, so it’s not surprising that the design for her Mater collection was inspired by the tile flooring of the Mutina meeting room where she had spent a lot of time. Mater is also named after the Italian word materia, or matter, as the basic earth material used for tiles. In Mater, she created a rich collage of etched patterns which showcase the original unglazed body of the porcelain stoneware tiles in two colours Uni and Moka, in contrast with bright glazes in blue, green, white, black, mustard and brick red. Mater is available in three sizes of 15cm by 60cm, 60cm by 60cm, and 120cm by 120cm.

Mutina Fringe by Michael Anastassiades

The Fringe collection by first-time Mutina collaborator Michael Anastassiades takes its cue from the carpet fringes which subtly zone large open-concept spaces. Fringe was developed to be used similarly – with a thin ‘fringe’ of parallel 6mm segments, and bold ‘fringe’ of parallel 15mm segments, both with a ‘grouting’ of 3mm between each segment. Each tile measures 12.3cm by 12.3cm and is available in five hues of White, Anthracite, Grey, Red and Rose. The simplicity and modularity of its patterns mean that the tiles can be laid to create many seamless design compositions with a recommended grouting of 3mm between tiles. Using coloured grouting also magnifies the creative possibilities.

Mutina Chamotte by Patricia Urquiola

Create walls that look like works of ceramic art with the artisanal Chamotte collection by Patricia Urquiola. Named after the raw material made of crushed pottery fragments embedded in raw clay to strengthen ceramic mixtures, the Chamotte tiles have an organic roughhewn texture finished with a glossy glaze that makes them incredibly expressive. The double-firing technique used gives the tiles exceptional richness and brightness too. Chamotte’s three designs of Linea, Quadra and Mono come in a size of 7.5cm by 22.5cm and in six different coloured glazes.

Mutina Jali by Patricia Urquiola

After the award-winning Celosia, Patricia Urquiola’s latest 3D element for Mutina is Jali. The decorative module made of extruded terracotta recalls the perforated bricks typical of Indian architecture used for parapets or partition walls for shade that still allow light and breeze in. Jali can be placed vertically or horizontally, in line or staggered for multiple configurations and use as partitions or furniture. Each brick is 11.7cm by 23.4cm, and available in a natural finish, as well as glazed in black or white. 

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