New tiles for 2024 – exciting styles to shake up indoor and outdoor spaces!

The timber-inspired Canne tiles on the wall of this living area cosies up the space by bringing texture and warmth.

The functional qualities of tiles as durable, water- and scratch-resistant material surfacings for both indoor and outdoor spaces are well known. When you consider the endless decorative possibilities they can provide, they are truly materials that can help us create the home of our dreams, plus make it easy to maintain! Each year, new tile designs and tile formats expand the universe of creative possibilities and for 2024, RICE is excited to be presenting these new unique collections. We can’t wait to see how they can charge up your interiors!

Canne – tiles that look like timber strips 

Increasingly, tiles are breaking out of flat planes and becoming more three-dimensional. The latest 3D tile collection is Canne, which carries the look of timber strips in natural wood colours that range from blonde hues to dark brown. These timber-inspired tiles will let you enjoy the sleek style of wood strips in spaces you might not have considered placing them before, such as in bathrooms and on building facades. Canne 3D tiles are available in a 60cm by 120cm size, and in five colours.

Flicker – where the grouting becomes the design 

The most effective ideas are often the most simple, and the Flicker tile collection is a good example of that. In each square 6mm-thick mosaic piece is a carved rectangle recess that naturally takes the colour of the grouting used. Set on a 30cm by 30cm fibreglass mesh, the repeated graphic element of the 2cm by 2cm tile with its non-directionality of design creates movement to make surfaces vibrant. With just three neutral colours of Talc, Soot and Mud, you can create countless design variations by using different-coloured grouting.

Glace Raye – 3D tiles with the look of handmade ceramics 

We place the spotlight on the Raye decorative tiles of the popular Glace zellige tile collection. The Raye 3D tiles conjure up truly exceptional surfaces thanks to its ribbed design of various widths and depths with alternating glossy and matte glazes. The distinctiveness of Glace lies in its handmade look, featuring subtle flaws and uneven edges associated with artisan ceramics. The Raye tiles, as with the other Glace tiles, are available in six colours and in a single size of 7.5cm by 20cm. Combine these 3D versions with flat tiles to bring out the contrast and tactile character of these gorgeous elements.

Harlem – bricks with a difference

The Harlem collection is a creative take on brick-look tiles with its slim shape of 4.8cm by 45cm and modern variegated hues in six colours. The long shape gives walls a sleek streamlined look, and can also be used in a classic herringbone pattern. Six colours of Dark grey, Multicolor, Red White, Sand, Gold, and Red are available, with over 100 randomised patterns that when placed together, make surfaces come alive. 

Energie Ker – a terrazzo-inspired collection

The Energie Ker terrazzo-inspired collection provides terrazzo options with trend-on base colours such as baby blue and pastel green, in addition to classic white and cream. The scattering of different coloured quartz pieces within the coloured base of the tiles gives us that old-school appeal we love. Energie Ker tiles are available in three sizes, the largest being 120cm by 120cm.

P-Saico – a fresh mosaic concept

P-saico is a fresh contemporary interpretation of Venetian Seminato (terrazzo) in the famed streets of the water city, with its uniform rectangular chips laid in an irregular pattern. Laid on a fibreglass mat like traditional mosaic, the 1cm by 3cm chips are also each embossed to generate visual tactility. Four neutral colours of Plaster, Clay, Smoke and Coal are available, and pairings of these four colours in different proportions provide another eight design options. Your choice of grouting is another element that can complement the tiles to bring the spirit of elegant Venetian terrazzo into your space in a thoroughly current way.

ReForge – iron-rich concrete-inspired tiles

The ReForge collection gives us matte concrete-inspired tiles warmed with the deposits of oxidised metal for patterns that are rich in detail. The five shades available are inspired by the different characteristics of metal marked by ripples, oxidisation and efflorescence, giving rise to a collection that works both indoors and outdoors for contemporary spaces. ReForge is available in four sizes, with the largest size at 120cm by 120cm.

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