Textured stone-inspired walls are what you need for elegant spaces with timeless style

This bathroom features a lively composition of Oros Stone tiles in contrasting colours and textures.

Thanks to stone-inspired tiles, a huge array of beautiful natural stone designs found around the world have been made more accessible for use in our interiors. Besides replicating the nuanced patterns, colours and textures of stone, stone-inspired tiles also come with decorative etchings that amp up their textural dimension. When contrasted with other tiles with smoother finishes in the same space, the textured tiles really pop. However, the elegant personality of stone ensures that the effect is subtle and timeless. Another way to showcase textured stone-inspired tiles is to illuminate them artfully using natural light or spotlights. Use these tiles only for vertical applications such as walls, and in places that are not often touched, to keep dirt from getting trapped in their grooves. Tiles, unlike natural stone, are also more durable and less porous than natural stone, making them suitable for both dry and wet applications indoors and outdoors. Read on to explore the textured stone-inspired tile collections at RICE you can use for your home!

Oros Stone

Inspired by a special type of quartzite from Greece, the tiles of the Oros Stone collection features micro-crystals that make it particularly bright. Available in six colours and in a variety of sizes and versions for floors and walls, the collection is suitable for a wide range of applications. Oros Stone also comes in two textures, Naturale and Tecnica, as well as the most expressive one, Splitstone. 

Elegance Pro

Elegance Pro is a stone-inspired collection that delivers the elegant minimalist veining of sandstone in four different finishes and seven earthy hues. The Mural finish in particular, provides three-dimensional decor with an undulating wave pattern that catches the light for mesmerising surfaces. Combine with tiles in the other finishes for a cohesive look that is also texturally exciting.


The Pierre de Bourgogne stone from Burgundy in France is a limestone used for the finest buildings in the region. Rich in detail, shade variation and irregularities, the charm of this stone is now available as tiles in the Mapierre stone-inspired collection. Choose from three finishes, of which Ligne is the most outstanding with its finely etched lines creating a sleek streamlined effect.


With four surface finishes, five colours and decorative options such as tiles in chevron shapes, mosaics and more, the Eclettica collection is one that promises great versatility and harmonisation between indoor and outdoor spaces. The enhanced textural finishes such as Rock Rett and Frammenti, give the rich mineral shades of the tiles extra dimension and character.


The stone-inspired tiles of Element collection channel the personality of Silver Quartzite with its rich pattern of streaks, and silica content. Six soft natural colours are available, together with a range of sizes and decorative options, for example, the staggered stripe pattern of Fascia Brick. Outdoor versions of the tile allow indoor and outdoor spaces to lead into each other seamlessly.

Shapes of Italy

Shapes of Italy is a collection that takes pride in the best of natural Italian stone by showcasing seven stones that have characterised the history of Italian art and architecture. The stones come from all over the country, such as Puglia, Luserna and the Italian Alps, and each display a unique character. In total, a range of 11 sizes, seven colours and three thicknesses are available. Of special mention are the three decorative textured options of Ventaglio, Trama and Rilievo, 

Via Maestra

Inspired by not just one stone, the Via Maestra stone-inspired tile collection harmonises the texture effects of different stones into one refined design. Choose from four colours, four sizes and two finishes of Naturale and Strutturato to use either indoors or outdoors. What we love is the decorative textured option of embossed leaves which gives surfaces a soft and luxurious look. Via Maestra also comes integrated with anti-bacterial properties to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria on its surface.

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