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RICE at Cersaie: Our top 5 tile trends for 2019
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There is no better place to get first-hand news about the latest tile trends than at Cersaie. Usually held in September in Bologna, Italy, this is where tile manufacturers from all across the world gather annually to flaunt their latest tile designs and manufacturing capabilities. RICE team was there to walk the massive halls and take in the extravaganza of tiles on show – and we’ve distilled our observations into five key tile trends to watch for in the coming year!

Trend 1: Pattern on pattern prints

We’re glad someone came up with the bright idea of printing a pattern over another pattern, creating a brand new tile design archetype! In the case of the Bora Bora design in Del Conca’s new St. Regis collection, they’ve printed a line pattern of leaf veins over a beautiful woodgrain. The result is a rich layering of texture and design that brings a graphic, yet sophisticated touch to any space.

The digital print of large leafy foliage on the Bora Bora tile by Del Conca brings the idyllic vibe of the island paradise into the bedroom.

Trend 2: Tiles inspired by off-form concrete

Off-form concrete is an architectural finish where the concrete is poured into formwork for structural or decorative reasons and left bare, one of the beloved hallmarks of brutalist architecture. It is usually not done in a smaller space due to the time and effort needed, so we’re sure these new concrete-inspired tiles will be a big hit! Cotto d’Este’s Cement Project tiles features the rugged tactility of off-form concrete that uses traditional wood formwork. Imprinted with the knots and grains of the wood planks, these tiles will be perfect for that minimalist architecturally-driven space you’ve been dreaming of.

Available in three textures, the Cement Project tiles from Cotto d’Este can be used on the walls and floor.

One of the three textures in the Cement Project collection, Work is also the most expressive one, inspired by traditional wood formwork.

Trend 3: Slim tiles in pure black, and white

What was once a manufacturing nightmare is now a reality. We’re talking about slim tiles, which come in sizes of up to 100cm by 300cm, in solid white, and solid black. The purity of black and white is difficult to achieve on such a massive surface, but now companies such as Panaria Ceramica have overcome the challenge. Their new ZERO.3 Must tiles are just a mere 5.5mm-thick and come in gorgeous inky black or pure white in both matte and glossy finishings. Slim tiles are perfect for a quick makeover as they give your home ultra flat surfaces and a luxurious seamless look in less time!

Used on the wall and floor, Panaria Ceramica’s new Be White Slim Tiles in a Soft finish create almost joint-free surfaces for a look of contemporary luxury.

Same slim tile, two different finishings. Be Black Soft on the walls and Be Black Lux on the floor present an interplay of different textures in the same space.

Trend 4: Larger timber-inspired tiles

We love timber-inspired tiles for their ability to give us the beauty of wood with high durability and low maintenance. Now tile manufacturers such as Cotto d’Este have upsized them so you get wider and longer planks! Their Woodland collection boasts new sizes of 30cm by 180cm, and even 30cm by 240cm. This means less joint lines on a larger surface area. The new width of 30cm also matches better the 30cm width of many current wall tiles.

The new Cotto d’Este Woodland tiles are as long as, or should we say as tall as, trees.

Woodland from Cotto d’Este is a series of tiles that have lengths that go up to 240cm and widths of 30cm.

Trend 5: Breccia marble-inspired tiles

Marble-inspired tiles that take after Volakas (of the streaky grey veins on white) have had their day in the sun. Now the spotlight has shifted to tiles that replicate the look of underrated Breccia marble. Breccia is a sedimentary stone characterised by a mix of large angular chunks of stone cemented with smaller pieces, giving it a unique fractured pattern that is charming and unpredictable. The Breccia marble tiles from Del Conca allows you to incorporate the beauty of Breccia marble in any space in your home, even the bathroom!

Italian tile manufacturer Del Conca’s latest Breccia marble-inspired tiles, as seen at their booth in Cersaie.

Del Conca’s Breccia marble-inspired series of tiles include designs with softer veining patterns, suitable for large surface areas.

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