RICE tiles were used in these gorgeous IG-worthy homes – get to know the collections!

This HDB flat has been reworked into a swanky man cave, thanks to its flooring of luxurious marble-inspired Supreme tiles in Charcoal.

A home renovation project involves a huge amount of decision making. With an abundance of products to choose from, selecting materials to deliver your intended design outcome can be a difficult task. That’s why we’ve put together this gallery of beautiful local residences so you can see just how RICE tiles have been used to transform a real space. Being the dominant surface covering in the space, these tiles are a crucial component of the overall design scheme as they create the canvas for the rest of the design elements. We hope these impressive interiors will inspire your own domain as well!

Supreme Collection

The marble-inspired Supreme collection expresses a love for the organic grains of the stone with its lively veining patterns. Available in Ivory, Beige, Silver, Grey and Charcoal, 3 finishes and various sizes to choose from.

About the project: For this five-room HDB flat, interior design firm Fifth Avenue created a minimalist abode enlivened with natural textures starting with the Supreme tiles in Beige Nat in the 60cm by 60cm size on the floor. The simple space is welcoming and cosy, thanks also to the textures of the chic furnishings, and display of art and personal artefacts that give it personality.

About the project: Using the same Supreme tiles but in a darker hue of Charcoal, designer Eddy Kong of In-Expat transformed an archetypical HDB three-room flat into a moody sophisticated den complete with bar area and plush leather seating. The dramatic patterning of the marble-inspired tiles exudes an air of exclusivity befitting the posh space.

Mutina Tex Collection

Inspired by the textures seen on various textiles, the Mutina Tex tiles by Raw Edges consists of diamond or rhombus-shaped pieces that come together to create surfaces with dimension and depth. The tiles are available in eight different colourways, five different texture and three tones.

About the project: The tiled Mutina Tex backsplash behind the stove of this kitchen not only protects the surface from splatters and stains, it is also a decorative feature in the otherwise clean space designed by interior design firm Rula. Besides showcasing the distinctive shape of the tiles, the running shades and texture also adds a textural element to the space for visual interest.

Mutina Puzzle Collection

An award-winning collection by Barber & Osgerby, Mutina Puzzle lets the designer or homeowner experiment with endless possibilities of design with its eight graphic patterns, each on a 25cm by 25cm tile. Patterned and plain tiles in five colour palettes are at your disposal to create unexpected art on your walls and floors.

About the project: Parenthesis Studio carved out a space for a home-office behind the dining area of this apartment and made it special with Mutina Puzzle tiles in the Anglesey colour palette running down the wall and across the desk. The bold graphics of the tiles are the perfect playful accent this small nook needs for the space to have a sense of purpose and style.

Gleeze Collection

Perfect for those who celebrate the organic and imperfect, Gleeze is a tile collection with all the characteristics of handmade ceramics with its uneven tonal variations. Choose from super glossy concave and convex surfaces as well, with a palette of five colours in beige, and green and blue hues, all available in three sizes, and watch your walls come alive!

About the project: Without the Gleeze tiles in Giada on the walls, this HDB bathroom would just be another cookie cutter space. The 5cm by 15cm tiles were chosen by the designer from Rula to bring a modern resort vibe into the space with its glossy finish and shimmering tones that resemble sea water. The rest of the design was kept simple to let the tiles shine.

About the project: Another space made special with Gleeze tiles is this kitchen by interior design firm Pupil Office. The clean and quiet lines of its smooth cabinetry are enlivened with the addition of the Gleeze tiles in Beige on the backsplash leading up to the ceiling for a contrast in textures.

Look Collection

Similar to the Gleeze collection, the Look tile collection sports handmade appeal evocative of artisan ceramics, with a glossy finish. Look tiles however, come in a larger size of 6cm by 24cm and in seven colours of basic white, black, green and blue tones, with the addition of two choices in earthy hues.

About the project: Covering an entire wall of this bathroom shower area, the Look tiles in Blu have mesmerising appeal with their blue-green hues and glossy finish. Builders Just Build complemented the tiles with marble on the flooring and vanity countertop to complete the luxurious vibe.

About the project: Subway tiles such as the Look tiles are great for covering curved surfaces such as the vanity nook in this apartment bathroom designed by Edgeline Planners. The colour Olivia is a nod to the green hue of olives and creates a stylish contrast with its simple white countertop and washbasin.

Photo credits: courtesy of respective design firms

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