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There’s no better place to discover the latest most desirable tile designs than Cersaie, the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings held annually in Bologna, Italy. Many of Italy’s most eminent tile companies launch new collections at this much-anticipated event, making it an important harbinger of interior trends. RICE was there to make the rounds. From quiet looks to exuberant in-your-face designs; from subtle textures to delightful volumised surfaces, take a peek at what wowed the crowds, and us!

Turn Up the Volume

Volume plays a key role in creating the attractive tactile surfaces you see above, made with the charming Biscuit tile collection. Instead of printed patterns, Biscuit uses the play of light and shadow on six geometrical three-dimensional designs for delightful contrast. The 5cm by 20cm tiles just beg to be touched, and are shaped to look studded, inflated, cut with a serrated knife, and so on. When combined with each other, the surfaces take on another dimension of style. The four dusty colours of Bianco, Terra, Salvia and Notte are also on-trend, and their muted hues balance out the expressive textures of the tiles.

Wild about Pattern

One of the most over-the-top and elaborately patterned tiles we’ve seen, the ONE collection features a happy mish-mash of shape, colour and style. But there is method to the madness as the pattern follows the mirror symmetry of kaleidoscope images. Some hand drawn elements add an organic touch to the design, which is characterised also by their brilliant colours, a result of innovation using cold digital technology. The encaustic cement tiles are available in six coloured themes and in one size of 120cm by 120cm, with a thickness of 6mm. Used on walls or floors, One is certain to kick up the energy in any space!

Nature in the Details

The new Mutina Botanica collection sees designer Tokujin Yoshioka continuing his exploration of nature’s naturally occurring patterns on surfacing material. The Seed and Flower designs are stunning in their simplicity, their simple almost primitive shapes creating a biomorphic landscape that looks like each line was drawn by hand. Botanica is available in White and Grey, and in a matte wax-coated finish as well as a super glossy surface.

Rock Solid

Made using the extrusion method which produces full-body coloured tiles free of glaze, the new Mutina Kosei tiles by architect Vincent van Duysen showcase an inherent tactility that approximates the materiality of lava rocks and hard volcanic glass. Kosei, which means composition in Japanese, is also a collection created for experimenting, with its range of seven rectangular and square modular units in five colours. One chevron shape is also available. Van Duysen conceived of the tiles to be able to create large scale patterns, much like grand architecture.

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