Here’s why the look of classic travertine is the next big thing in home decor!

This courtyard showcases a mosaic version and different sizes of the same New Classic travertine-inspired tile in Beige, to exhibit how modern and versatile travertine looks can be.

We’ve seen travertine used in rustic settings such as American and European country-style homes, and the stone adds a wonderful warmth and traditional charm to these spaces. The mottled heavy limestone used since the times of ancient Greece and Rome might be seen as a material for classic-style abodes but it’s now being reinvented for contemporary homes. The rectified (straight-cut) edges, lighter hues and more streamlined designs of travertine-inspired tiles invite comfort into modern spaces. By using tiles, you’ll enjoy a huge variety of hues, much more than the natural world can provide. The tiles’ toned-down and predictable grains create welcoming spaces be it in a living or dining room, bathroom or kitchen. Using tiles instead of natural stone is also a more sustainable option, and walls and floors are easier to clean and maintain. Adding to that, travertine looks were a major trend at this year’s premier international tile fair Cersaie, in Bologna Italy. So soak in the inspiration below!

Living Space

The discreet veining and light colour of the Azuvi Travertine Silver tiles in a Satin finish in this living room creates the perfect palette for its modern furnishings in natural hues. The large tile size of 60cm by 120cm makes the space look generous and airy.

The same Azuvi Travertine Silver tiles in a Polished finish imbues this living area with a luxurious air. The shine on the floor provides a space-enhancing effect. 

Dining Space

Elegant and sophisticated, this dining space features travertine-inspired tiles used in a smart and playful way. The same Savoia Travertine Bone tile was used throughout; on the walls are the larger tiles of 60cm by 120cm, while on the floor the 60cm by 60cm square tile has been laid with an alternating grain direction to create interesting visual texture.

Used on the floor of this dining room, the defined grains of the Saturnia travertine-inspired tile collection provide a decorative highlight that gives the space a distinctive character. 


With its subtle grains and tonal variations, the New Classic tiles in White has the look of a stylish rug woven with natural materials when used as flooring. On the left is the 60cm by 120cm tile, and on the right is the 30cm by 120cm tile laid in a herringbone pattern.

The signature pitted texture and porosity of travertine can be appreciated in the Palatina tile collection. The Palatina Bianco Lucido glossy tiles in this space give it a neutral canvas which also highlights the characteristic beauty of the stone.


The grey Palatina Grigio Lucido tiles brings a cool colour tone and linear pattern that is not as cold and industrial as concrete surfaces but lends itself well to urban decor schemes, plus gives them an elegant appeal.

Made with Kerlite 3plus technology, the Starlight Travertine Class slabs are just 3.5mm thick, but can go up to sizes of 100cm by 300cm. This makes them ripe for overlaying surfaces, saving time in the renovation process. They are seen on the walls and pillars of this boutique in a Smooth finish, channelling the aesthetic grandeur of imperial Rome with grey streaks running through the warm tones of the tile.


The New Classic travertine-inspired tile collection looks to be just that, with its beautiful Honed and Lines finish adding exciting possibilities for decor. On the left, the Honed tile in Beige presents a matte finish which projects the stone in its most primitive natural form. On the right, the Lines finish on the tile, also in Beige, injects exciting three-dimensional texture to a flat surface.

Two versions of the Palatina Crema tile, in Naturale finish for the floor, and Lucido finish for the walls, are used to give this minimalist bathroom a grounded meditative feel. Tiles come in a variety of finishes, and are safer choices for bathroom flooring which is often wet. 

Placed vertically, the grain patterns on these large 60cm by 120cm rectangular Savoia Travertine Cream tiles on the walls of this bathroom extend the eye up to stretch the space. On the floor are the same tiles in a 60cm by 60cm size. The tiles’ natural beige hue is perfectly in sync with the timber tones and white sanitaryware of the space.

The linear patterns on the Saturnia travertine-inspired tile resemble watery Chinese ink brushstrokes, which create a calming presence in this bathroom. Its graduation of tones also helps soften the contrast of black and white hues in the space.

Photo credits: All images from their respective brands

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