Suit up with black and white tiles for looks that never go out of style

Just like the keys on a piano keyboard, the colours of ebony and ivory make a harmonious pairing that never dates. In interiors, the combination of black and white is evergreen, and can be representative of many aesthetic concepts, from traditional colonial styles to edgy monochrome looks. We’ve pulled together some ways to use black and white (and grey) tiles to create amazing spaces in your own home. Take a look at these inspiring applications!

Mutina DIN

The Mutina DIN collection comes in eight colours, but it is the black and white tiles that create the most striking contrast when used together. Designer Konstantin Grcic has formulated a new modular mosaic where different tile shapes and sizes all fit within the same grid. Using white grouting with black tiles, or vice versa can create lines in space for a minimalistic landscape. Alternatively, play with matte and glossy finishes for textural subtlety. Grcic also developed six special finishing pieces that help the tiles transition to the next plane.

Kitkat tiles 

Named for their resemblance to that favourite chocolate wafer snack, Kitkat tiles are long and slender mosaic pieces that not just provide decorative pattern but also ribbed texture to surfaces. They’re enjoying huge popularity at the moment, especially white and greyscale hues for the kitchen and bathroom to create contemporary urban design schemes.


The Lapis collection of stone-inspired porcelain stoneware mosaic channels the volcanic beauty of stone for a modern yet rustic surfacing material. Available in sizes of 1.5cm by 1.5cm, and 2.5cm by 2.5cm, the cold grey hues of Lapis include (from lightest to darkest) Granite, Basalt and Obsidian, three natural shades that give an organic feel to rooms, pool decks and spas. The mosaics of Lapis are fired at very high temperatures for enhanced durability, they are also slip-resistant and are integrated with a Bio Shield+ finish to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria from its surface.


A collection which celebrates clay, a material fundamental to the manufacture of tiles, the bare tiles of Sixty are available both plain, and embossed for a sophisticated tactile feel rather than printed with pattern. Enjoy the contrast of white and black through the Talco and Nero colours, available in a range of shapes such as hexagons, minibricks, and mosaics. The matte and glossy minibricks (5cm by 15cm) are great for use on customised furniture such as countertops as well.

Mutina Chymia

Mutina Chymia by Laboratorio Avallone is a tile collection devoted to black and white, using expressive applied arts of painting and sculpture to create a universe of patterns that can be used in infinite combinations with each other. Their charming handwrought designs soften the rigidity of colour and lines. The tiles are available in 22 designs in a single size of 30cm by 30cm.

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