18 style ideas for kitchens you definitely want to show off!

Italian tile company Mutina is second to none in the industry for their design-forward tiles that always make a statement. From edgy and artistic patterns to beautifully rendered colours, they inject a unique edge to any interior. When applied in kitchens, Mutina tiles bring much-desired decorative appeal to these spaces that are now seen as extensions of living arenas. So lavish the same amount of care and attention on the design of your kitchen as you would with your living spaces. We’ve pulled together a smorgasbord of great ideas that can be applied to cookspaces of any size, grouped by Mutina tile collections.

Mutina Mattonelle Margherita 

The Mutina Mattonelle Margherita collection features the company’s largest number of designs in a single collection to date –  41 in total, comprising 27 graphics and six plain tiles in a size of 20.5cm by 20.5cm, and six designs and two plain elements in a subway tile size of 10.1cm by 20.5cm. The bold patterns can be combined any way you wish, and are great for adding emphasis to features such as doorways and skirtings. Bright, modern and vibrant, they are great for bringing a sense of joviality to the kitchen, the heart of the home where people gather.

Mutina Din

The sharp shapes and pretty pastels of the Mutina Din collection of plain-coloured tiles make them perfect for creating that modern retro style that’s having a major revival right now. With Din, Mutina goes one step further with six special trims and profile pieces that allow the tiles to continue the line of grouting around edges and three-dimensional shapes; think tiled island countertops and dining tables. The four tile sizes were precisely calculated to fit within the same grid, while the eight colours come in matte and glossy finishes for even more creative possibilities.

Mutina Azulej 

It’s difficult to pick a favourite from out of the 10 designs of the Mutina Azulej collection, multiplied by their availability in three colour palettes, so why not use a mix of them? The 10 designs, each on 20cm by 20cm tiles, consist of an eclectic mix of florals, repeated graphics and pixelised patterns that all work wonderfully together no matter how you randomise them. Do a design patchwork for a fun boho vibe, or stripes of repeated patterns for a streamlined feel. You can also choose just one tile design for a wall or floor to bring pattern in a more controlled fashion to a space. 

Mutina Chymia 

The modularity of the tile designs in the Mutina Chymia collection is similar to that of Azulej, but Chymia tiles are only available in black and white, and in black-and-white prints for those who love the classic colour pairing. The 30cm by 30cm tiles feature patterns, and embossed textures inspired by painting and sculpture, with 11 designs in total in black or white versions. We love the stark contrast of the patterns and how they evoke the applied arts such as drawing, stamping and mark-making.

Mutina Diarama

The stripes you see on the Mutina Diarama tiles are not just coloured surfaces but the effect of various coloured glazes on light- and dark-coloured tile bodies. This experiment with colour has resulted in the creation of 13 unique colour palettes made up of 9.4cm by 18.7cm tiles. Diarama is best on vertical applications such as kitchen walls and backsplashes, with the reflection of light revealing the delightful textural contrasts of matte and glossy surfaces.

Mutina Phenomenon

From the Mutina Phenomenon collection, the Rain B Nero tile (pictured above) adds a subtle touch of nature-inspired texture to a kitchen wall or backsplash. It’s great for pairing with other organic materials such as timber and pottery. The Phenomenon tiles take its range of five designs, Honeycomb, Rain, Rock, Air and Wind, from nature, and are available in four neutral hues of white, beige, grey and black.

Mutina Puzzle

The Mutina Puzzle tiles make creating a graphic composition easy. Just lay the 25cm by 25cm tiles randomly for a combination that works – they’ll look right every time! Contrast this busy pattern on the floor with plain walls, or plain floors with patterned walls. The tiles are sold in sets of six pre-selected designs, with eight colourways available. Each colourway is made of a trio of hues which you can also pair with plain coloured tiles in the same hue. The possibilities are endless and exciting.

Mutina Tratti

With their hand drawn motifs and patterns, the Mutina Tratti collection reminds us of traditional handmade Japanese folk fabric. Rendered in light, translucent watercolour-like strokes, the designs have a feel of refinement. Three pre-mixes comprising four different patterns are available. Choose from three different colour selections, and use the plain-coloured tiles in the same tones to complement. 

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