Trendy botanical prints, nature-inspired looks – these tiles have it all!

From left to right: Glam, Mutina Phenomenon

When it’s too hot to go out, you can still enjoy nature within the comfortable confines of your home. There are many ways to bring nature home – through plants, colour and imagery on materials such as tiles! Create lush botanical walls with high-definition printed foliage, or for something more artsy, go for stylised conceptual florals. Your floral statements can also be light, pretty and delicate. You can also embrace the textures of nature through tiles with three-dimensional surfaces inspired by rain, wind, and honeycombs. Explore your options here!


The large-format prints of the Wonderwall collection turns tiles into wallpaper. These are no ordinary tiles though, but ultra-thin ceramic porcelain stoneware slabs called Kerlite. The 15 nature-inspired designs of Wonderwall span the gamut from lush expressive foliage to dreamy forest landscapes, on 3.5mm-thick tiles that are thin and light like wallpaper, but strong and resistant to humidity. The tiles are available in sizes of 100cm by 300cm, and 50cm by 100cm. Some designs come with textures to create a three-dimensional bas-relief effect.

Mutina Chymia

In exploring the co-existence of black and white, and applying the gestures of drawing and mark-making on tiles, Laboratorio Avallone created the Mutina Chymia collection.

The 11 patterns on 30cm by 30cm tiles include printed as well as embossed floral designs in a charming primordial style. The black-and-white colour scheme balances the femininity of the delicate floral motifs and gives them a bold and contemporary edge.

Mutina Phenomenon
Designer Tokujin Yoshioka took the essence of natural phenomenon and interpreted them as visual textures in the Mutina Phenomenon collection. The five designs, Honeycomb, Rain, Rock, Air and Wind, are rich in dimension and come in four nature-derived hues. Made for walls, Mutina Phenomenon expresses a quiet meditative quality.

Mutina Hives
The iconic honeycomb shape found in beehives gives rise to the 3D element of Mutina Hives by Konstantin Gricic. Made of extruded terracotta, the innovative design of these bricks makes them extremely versatile. Placed upright or flat, the twin hexagon pieces can be used to create partitions and supporting structures such as columns and furniture supports.

Glam is another collection that makes it possible to be surrounded by nature indoors through life-size photo-realistic printing technology on large-format tiles of 50cm by 100cm. Some of the botanical prints on 3.5mm-thick laminated porcelain stoneware tiles come in running modules so you can enjoy an entire green wall at home without having to water a single plant.

Concrete surfaces take on a softer, timeworn quality in the Stratford concrete-inspired tile collection. The embossed ferns of the white Struttura Foglia 3D 60cm by 120cm tiles (pictured below) provide a subtle alternative to the loud jungalow trend while keeping the botanical theme. For those who like their foliage toned-down, there is also the Pannello Jap Clay tiles (pictured below) that create a pretty scattering of leaves on your walls. 

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