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Enjoy the vivid colours of autumn – using tiles!

The Mutina Lane Base Terracotta Mix tiles, with its mosaic of reds, browns, and blacks, clad the facade of this building with the colours of fall.

We don’t have the changing seasons in Singapore, but that has not blunted our appreciation of the beauty of nature evolving throughout the year in temperate countries. Autumn, in particular, stands out for its vivid hues. The magic of autumn is in the changing of colours – verdant green landscapes transforming into a symphony of intense yellows, and fiery oranges and reds. Just make sure you balance out these strong colours with cool neutrals such as creams or greys. Bring some of that fall magic into your home with these tiles!

The mix of warm nude and peach hues in the Mutina Diarama Blush Light tile mix reveals intriguing details on close inspection. Berlin-based designer Hella Jongerius wanted to explore the effect of different glazes on different-coloured clay bodies, and the tiles are a result of this creative experiment. When put together, the interplay of glazed and unglazed potions of each 9.4cm by 18.7cm tile, with their alternating wide and narrow blocks of rosy colour, create a cheerful energy in any space. With a pattern this busy, make sure your furnishings and accessories bear clean and simple shapes.

The organic earthy hues of the Base Terracotta mix of tiles from the Mutina Lane collection are comfortingly familiar, with its red-, brown- and clay-tones capturing the nuances of exposed brickwork surfaces. Lane, after all, was inspired by the built landscape of London, with the brick-like shape of the 7.9cm by 16cm glazed porcelain stoneware tiles alluding to architectural influences. The tiles also sport naturally uneven textures that give them an artisanal quality.

The subway tiles of the Ragno Brick Glossy collection were designed to bring a modern twist to old-school style. In this bathroom with classic leanings, the glossy Beige and Purple tiles inject a fresh contemporary contrast which instantly updates its look. With such a rich and bold colour such as Purple in play, the use of light-hued timber-inspired tiles on the floor bridge the contrast and also bring modernity to the space.

The Ragno Look majolica tiles reinforce our connection with nature with their handmade appeal and artisanal aesthetics. Their uneven surfaces go hand in hand with rich glazes that make each 6cm by 24cm tile unique, just like a work of ceramic art. With the colour of yellow earth, the pictured Ocra tiles feature tonal variations that create multi-dimensional surfaces that never appear flat.

The tactile Ragno Melange Bordeaux and Kaki tiles pictured bring the beautiful variegated hues of autumn leaves into the bathroom and kitchen respectively. Similar to the Ragno Look tiles, but in a size of 10cm by 10cm, Melange tiles also feature a handmade look so no two tiles are identical. In the bathroom, the crimson Bordeaux tiles are contrasted with the cool grey of the stone washbasin, with matte brass-coloured tap fittings to enhance the luxury of the space. The ochre-coloured Kaki tiles inject comforting rusticity to the kitchen, and pairs perfectly with the simple lines of the contemporary furniture.

The warmth of organic terracotta and clay come through in the burnt orange tones of the Mutina Tierras collection by Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola. With the concept of sedimentation of natural materials in mind, the designer worked with dry powders on unglazed porcelain stoneware tiles to create tiles that re-interpret traditional craftsmanship. Pictured are the tiles of Triomix [left] and Rust [right].

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