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All the amazing tile designs you need to know – in this one article!

If you’re embarking on your first renovation and have never stepped into a tile showroom before, you might be surprised to find an incredibly vast and diverse selection of designs to choose from. Tile companies are constantly raising the bar in developing prints and textures that are increasingly more realistic in appropriating the look and feel of organic materials such as timber, marble, stone, even fabrics. Patterns have also gotten more sophisticated in order to meet the demands of design-conscious homeowners, and emerging trends in interior design. There is probably a tile to meet any design whim and fancy you might have. If you’re new to the world of tiles, start by getting to know these basic designs available.

Marble-inspired tiles

Marble is loved for the luxury it brings to a space, but maintaining it can be a
chore. The porous material stains easily and the material requires specialist
cleaning to keep it in good shape. That is why marble-inspired tiles have
become so popular. They are durable, easy to install and clean, and with so
many designs to choose from, even the most exotic and expensive marble
looks are now within reach!

Check out these modern luxury spaces using marble-inspired tiles.

Steal these 4 ideas on how to do the modern luxury look at home

Get to know the different varieties of marble with these tiles!

7 beautiful marble-inspired tiles with all the character of the natural material.

Timber-inspired tiles

With the focus on living a more sustainable lifestyle, using timber-inspired tiles instead of natural wood will save trees! These tiles also allow us to enjoy the relaxing appeal of wood in areas such as the bathroom, where moisture and humidity is detrimental to the organic material. Timber-inspired tiles in various shapes have been developed to create many laying patterns and are also engineered to reduce wastage, such as chevron shapes for herringbone laying patterns

Love the look of timber flooring? Here’s why you should switch to timber- inspired tiles.

6 reasons why using timber-inspired tiles is better than using real wood!

With timber-inspired tiles, you have more options for laying patterns with less wastage compared with using real timber.

Think you know all the laying patterns for wood-inspired tiles? Here are more you can try!

Terrazzo-inspired tiles

Old school terrazzo had made a roaringly successful return to our homes but this time around, homeowners have the advantage of using terrazzo-inspired tiles. Installing tiles are so much easier as compared to pouring the material onsite; and with tiles, you can put ‘terrazzo’ on your walls too!

Can you have terrazzo in every room of the home? These spaces show that you can!

Here’s how good your home can look with terrazzo!

Stone-inspired tiles

The word stone might conjure up images of cold grey interiors, but stone actually comes in many hues and grain patterns, just like timber. Unlike marble though, stone has a more even pattern and texture, which makes it a wonderfully natural and neutral canvas for both contemporary and rustic looks. It is much less challenging to bring the look of stone into the home with stone-inspired tiles than with the natural material.

From bathrooms to bedrooms, admire how stone-inspired tiles can enhance a room.

Bring nature into your home with stone-inspired tiles for every space

See the attractive propositions these stone-inspired tile collections from Ergon have to offer.

3 stone-inspired tile collections perfect for any part of your home

Even a timeless material such as stone can evolve with new exciting looks, see the latest stone-inspired tiles here!

These new stone-inspired tiles are set to rock the style of your home!

Concrete-inspired tiles

A concrete surface is simply a surface left bare and uncovered by paint or other decorative materials. However, it takes skill to create an exposed concrete surface that looks good, plus the material has to be sealed to prevent water stains, and is prone to cracking due to temperature changes. Enter concrete-inspired tiles, which removes all of the above mentioned issues.

Get design inspiration for using concrete-inspired tiles in this article.

Concrete-inspired tiles can create more than industrial looks. Check out your many options here!

Decorative tiles

From geometric patterns and floral prints on two-dimensional surfaces, to textures with three-dimensional forms, decorative tiles are what you need when you really want to make a personal statement of style.

These pretty patterned tiles are fit for any room in the home.

Pile on the style with 5 tiles that pack a decorative punch

Black and white tile designs that are not just classic, but edgy too!

Update the classic black and white theme for your home with these inspiring high-contrast looks

Instead of art, put flowers on your walls using tiles.

Bring spring into your home with floral tiles

These highly textured tiles will add another dimension to your walls.

Cosy up your home with these 5 stylish textured tiles

Each tile is made to look unique and handmade in this latest trend to hit our surfaces.

These tiles with artisanal handmade looks might just be the next big thing!

Coloured Tiles

Tiles in solid colours are a mainstay of tile designs, and we love how creative you can get by treating each coloured tile as a pixel on a larger canvas.

Bring the charm of autumn into your home with these coloured tiles.

Enjoy the vivid colours of autumn – using tiles!

Discover the tiles that can make your space blue, and on trend.

5 cool blue tiled looks for your home, including Pantone’s Classic Blue!

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