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5 latest tile trends fresh from Cersaie 2021 in Bologna!
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Panaria Blade

Our annual trip to Cersaie in Bologna, Italy might have halted (temporarily) due to the global pandemic, but we continue to bring you the latest from the fairgrounds! Cersaie is the foremost international event of the ceramic tile and surfacing industry and this year, its 38th edition, it welcomed 62,000 visitors over five days, with more than 600 exhibitors showing off their latest products. Open to Evolution, this year’s theme, signifies the desire to be exposed to new stimuli and possibilities, but also signals that despite the challenges, the industry is ready to welcome and adapt to changes, with bigger and better products to come. See for yourself with the highlights of Cersaie 2021, from RICE’s trusted material partners!

Trend 1 – It’s not wallpaper, but tiles!

Maximalists will be pleased to know that besides wallcoverings, they now have another option for that dramatic statement-making wall mural. Tiles now bring large format hyper-realistic prints to walls, and they come with the added benefits of being more durable, water-resistant and easier to clean than wallpaper or fabric! The Panaria Glam collection presents patterns of lush foliage and florals which are unbelievably three-dimensional and just beg to be touched. The tiles come in 50cm by 100cm sizes and are a mere 3.5mm-thick, the thinnest in the world! Each design comes in five unique modules which are part of one continuous picture, When put together side-by-side, the modules create a stunning span of seamless imagery.

Pictures taken at the Panaria pavilion at Cersaie show off the Glam collection tiles, Reflex (pictured left) with its motif of reflective vintage glass panels, and Greenwall (pictured right) which gives you a wall laden with glossy greenery. 

Trend 2 - Stone gets Expressive

Ramp up the luxe factor and the texture in your space with stone-inspired tiles that are high on design. Ergon Oros is a new collection inspired by particularly bright Greek quartzite, as they contain microcyrstals which constantly generate changing light effects on the surface. The collection comes in six colours – White, Sand, Greige, Grey, Sky Blue and Anthracite, and are available in five sizes. Within the collection, Splitstone tiles provides three-dimensional texture that’s perfectly coordinated with the grain of the unique material.

Enhanced pattern and texture is also what the Panaria Stone Trace collection is offering. These large format tiles takes inspiration from nature and intensifies her beauty, resulting in deep hues and original patterns that are harmonious and comforting. With sizes that go up to 120cm by 278cm, Stone Trace is tailored to the full height of a wall. The tiles also feature anti-bacterial properties which inhibit the growth of bacteria on the surface. 

Trend 3 - Cool Metallic Shine

Imagine if you can preserve the beautiful patina that develops over time on metal, but stop oxidisation in its tracks before rust sets in. The Panaria Blade tiles do just that, with organic designs inspired by handcrafted metals, available in five colours. The large tile surfaces of up to 100cm by 300cm lessens the joint lines needed, to render a more spacious feel, enhanced by the reflective metallic surfaces that bring light into the space. Blade is also made with Panaria’s exclusive anti-microbial Protect technology to keep surfaces germ-free 24/7.

Trend 4 – The Simple Things

All tiles start life as earth and with that in mind, Emilgroup goes back to the basics for their 60th birthday with the Sixty collection. The tiles represent the raw and primordial beauty of earth, capturing the essence of light against the material. Plain tiles with a soft silky feel but with anti-slip properties, as well as embossed tiles are ripe for creative compositions. They are both available in a wide range of seven colours and various shapes, including hexagons.

Trend 5 – More Ways with Wood

The Panaria Borealis collection of timber-inspired tiles carries the grand appeal of classic oak, with grains that almost seem engraved, but finished with a soft touch to present harmonious surfaces. We love the versatility of this collection, with planks available in three sizes, a chevron shape, long slim fingers of 6.5cm by 60cm, and a decorative Baroque element which invokes traditional marquetry flooring. All elements come in four lovely light to dark wood hues.

Realism is the key to Emil Ceramica’s Mimesis new timber-inspired collection. The tiles aspire to be an authentic representation of the material it is inspired by, oak, in appearance, texture and colour. This means reproducing faithfully the timber’s organic knots and veins, and introducing the massive 26.5cm by 160cm size which enhances the product’s realism. Mimesis is available in four natural colours and three sizes.

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