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These designs are why we love tiles from Ergon!

Stone Project tiles from Ergon bridge the indoors and outdoors of this home, as the tiles come with various slip-resistance levels for use in indoor as well as outdoor areas.

Tiles are one of the sturdiest materials you can use in your home, and among tiles, porcelain tiles are the hardiest. Compared to ceramic tiles, they are made of a denser material and fired at a higher temperature, making them stronger, and less porous to water. When it comes to usage in extremely wet areas, the outdoors, or places with high foot traffic, porcelain tiles are best in terms of durability. The brand Ergon was introduced in 1991 by the Emilceramica Group, one of the Italian tile industry’s biggest manufacturers, to bring porcelain tiles into their product range. Using high-tech manufacturing methods, they have also injected great style into the offerings with beautiful stone-, metal-, timber-, and concrete-inspired designs to fulfil the design ambitions of architects and designers. Here are five collections we love!

Stone Project Collection

On the left are Falda tiles from Stone Project tiles and on the right, Controfalda tiles, displaying the various stone grain patterns that can be produced from cutting the stone differently.

Ergon designers produced a best-selling collection in Stone Project, which explores the multi-dimensionality of stone patterns and textures when it is cut in different ways. The Falda tiles  reproduce the cut of stone perpendicular to the sedimentation, showing the stone’s vein direction. Controfalda tiles reproduce a cut parallel to the sedimentation, showing the stone’s clouded patterning. Three different textures are available for each pattern, and with each design available in seven natural stone-inspired colours, this celebrated collection is a favourite of the design community for residential as well as large commercial spaces.

Stone Talk Collection

Stone Talk Martellata finish tiles on the floor and Rullata finish tiles on the wall add textural dimension to this kitchen space while maintaining a minimalist canvas.

Ergon introduced Stone Talk as an archetypal stone collection which also showcases the various ways the material can be worked. Representing the most primitive and minimalist form of the material, these stone-inspired tiles enhance the architectural dimensions of a space both indoors and outdoors. The three finishes, Minimal, Martellata and Rullata, each with their own character, bring complementary textures to the stone surfaces. Five soft colours create a multitude of different moods.

With its soft even tones, the Minimal finish of the Stone Talk tiles brings a quiet contemplative mood to the space.

TR3ND Collection

This kitchen features a trio of textures in grey from Ergon Tr3nd – glossy majolica-inspired tiles on the backsplash, concrete-inspired tiles on the floor, and wood-inspired tiles for below the kitchen counter.

Studying contemporary design trends, Ergon came up with the innovative Tr3nd Collection, with the ‘3’ in the name representing the three visual effects of concrete, wood and majolica in the collection. The term majolica refers to the shiny opaque glaze thickly applied to ceramic surfaces. The marriage of elegant matte concrete surfaces, with the organic nature of wood, and the tactile richness of glossy majolica creates layers of texture in the space and a great canvas for contemporary interior design. The tiles are available in eight shades, four warm and four cool, and in a Naturale finish which is super smooth to the touch but has anti-slip properties as well.

The same textural layering works well in this bedroom too, with taupe- and sand-coloured concrete- and timber-inspired tiles from the Tr3nd collection.

Woodtalk collection

Ergon Woodtalk surfaces capture the effects of oxidisation on wood to create floors like this with wonderful dimension.

Ergon looks at the nuances of what nature has to offer and the Woodtalk Collection is an excellent examples of their detailed research. The designs in the collection are inspired by trees that are no longer alive, or wood left in the open, organically altered by the effects of rainwater, the passing seasons, sun and salt spray. They looked at the effects on various types of wood and created four patterns which are then printed and embossed on the porcelain tile bodies to create timber-inspired flooring with distinctive personalities.

Photo Source Friendly Buildings website BCA

Here in Singapore we can see tiles from the Ergon Woodtalk collection used in the Changi Hospital Integrated Building. RICE is humbled to have provided these tiles to the lobby of the building, adding a warm inviting touch to its entrance design.

This ‘wooden’ decking needs little maintenance as compared to natural wood, as it uses Woodtalk timber-inspired tiles, in a grey tone for a modern look. 

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