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Read this for all the solid practical advice you ever need on how to use tiles

As both decorative and functional surfacing materials, tiles work really well in all environments, be it homes, workplaces, or public and commercial spaces. You know tiles to be water-resistant, durable, and easy to clean, but beyond that, there is so much more to learn about this versatile material to get the most and best out of them! From choosing tiles, to knowing where and how to use them, how best to manage and install them, and how to keep them looking great for always, you can depend on the articles below. So read on and start your learning journey!

Read this article and arm yourself with crucial information before you head to the tile showroom – you will make better tile choices!

Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing Tiles For Your Home

Add one more line of defence against bacteria in your home, by choosing anti-microbial tiles that prevent the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew.

Protect your family with tiles that prevent the growth of bacteria!

For ‘greener’ renovations, choose tiles! Learn just how eco-friendly this material is, in this article.

Make the switch to tiles and save the earth

There are many factors to consider when choosing your tiles, did you know that lighting is high up on the list? We tell you why.

Don’t forget the lighting when you choose tiles for your home. Here’s why! 

Tiled surfaces are easy to clean, but cleaning them the wrong way can also ruin a perfectly good floor! Prevent those costly mistakes with the advice in this article.

Wonder why your tile flooring is looking worse over time? It’s time you learnt the basics of tile care.

Here’s a topic worth paying some attention to – your tile grouting. What you learn in the article below will surprise you!

5 things you need to know about grouting that can affect your home renovation!

Don’t just stick to the usual. Now that timber-inspired tiles are available in more shapes such as chevrons, consider more unique tile laying patterns!  

Think you know all the laying patterns for wood-inspired tiles? Here are more you can try!

The way tiles are managed and installed can affect the longevity of your surfaces. Learn the best practices for tile installation in this article.

Get the lowdown on the best way to manage and install tiles

A renovation newbie? Don’t worry, we’ve got the list of the top five most asked questions on tiles to help you get acquainted with the material.

We answer the 5 burning questions you’ve always had on tiles!

These questions on tiles are on everyone’s minds. Find out what the questions and the answers are!

From elderly friendly tiles to tiles for the bedroom – you asked and we answer your most pressing questions!

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