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Your guide to the best tile brands in the market! Get to know them here.

RICE carries tiles from some of Italy’s most well-known tile manufacturers. From left to right: Ragno Melange, Mutina Phenomenon, and Mutina Tierras.

How many tile brands can you name? Unlike fashion labels, tile brands are not as recognisable to most of us. We choose tiles based on designs we like, or that suit the space, and seldom do the brands matter to us. Not that they should, but know that the best names in [European] tiles have been around for decades and for good reason. They produce quality products which are high-performing and durable. The designs they introduce are also a result of a continual analysis of design trends and possibilities on their part, taking into consideration also how the patterns will pair with other elements of a space such as furnishings. RICE selects only brands that pass muster in function and style, and we are proud to dress local homes and commercial spaces with tiles from these manufacturers. Find out more about some of the reputable European brands we carry, below! 


If you’re looking for tiles that veer from the usual expected designs, Mutina is the brand for you. The groundbreaking and award-winning conceptual designs by well-known designers translate into great visuals for the home. Read up on this renowned brand.

It’s time you discovered Mutina, the tile company that works with some of the best-known names in the design industry

Panaria lays claim to innovations such as super slim 3mm-thick large format tiles and anti-bacterial tiles which keep surfaces hygienic. Add to that a wide range of designs inspired by timber, stone, marble, and concrete for indoors and outdoors!

Looking for tiles? You’ll love the range from Italian tile brand Panaria, which are designed for all spaces indoors and out!


With sizes as small as 1.2cm by 1.2cm, Appiani mosaics are pixels of creative possibilities! The 150-year-old mosaic specialist also produces them in a huge range of colours and designs, and they have been used in truly inspiring ways. See more here.

Yes mosaics can look this good, so don’t confine them to your bathroom or swimming pool!


Comprising four core tile brands, Emilceramica, Ergon, Provenza and Viva, Emilgroup produces tiles which enjoy worldwide popularity, and exports a staggering amount each year from its manufacturing base in Italy. Read about their most popular designs, here.

Emilgroup makes tiles that travel the world and are loved by many. Discover their most popular collections here!

Delve into the best-selling porcelain stoneware tiles of Ergon in this article.

These designs are why we love tiles from Ergon!


Bring the colours you love into your home with CE.SI. tiles, available in over 80 hues, matte and glazed options, and in a variety of shapes! Explore some of the style forward looks they can create in this article.

Like Lego, tile brand CE.SI. gives you basic building blocks to create the designs you want!


Ragno understands the design needs of contemporary homes, and offers tiles inspired by natural materials, but with a fresh modern twist! Discover your options in the article below.

Ragno tiles are always on the pulse of the latest trends - see the variety of stylish spaces they can create!

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