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Ragno tiles are always on the pulse of the latest trends – see the variety of stylish spaces they can…

A well-known name in the tile industry, Italian tile company Ragno has a knack for creating tile designs that present fresh design possibilities. Pictured above are tiles from the Brick Glossy collection, used on the walls and counter of this cafe.

We know a great-looking space when we see one, and tile manufacturer Ragno has certainly contributed to many of them! The 70-year old brand has a track record of creating designs that capture the decor mood of the moment with a wide range of tiles inspired by natural materials such as timber, metal, marble and stone. We’ve put together a collection of interiors that use their tiles as ingredients for confidently stylish contemporary spaces – get some inspiration for your own space, here!

Traditional in shape but forward in style, Brick Glossy is a collection of 10cm x 30cm subway tiles that give your walls a contemporary yet familiar character. The collection is available in seven solid colours and one pattern, with a texture that hints of handmade properties along with the subtle shine referenced in its name.

Consisting of 12 designs inspired by stone and marble patterns, the Bistrot tile range is perfect for adding a touch of luxury to any space. Besides light and dark hues, and a plethora of vein patterns to choose from, the designs come in large slabs and a hexagon shape for creating interesting compositions.

Creek is a tile collection characterised by five carefully calibrated colours devised for minimalist homes. As interpretations of stone replicated in various natural hues, the versatile Creek tiles come in both flat surfaces pleasant to the touch and the embossed texture of fluid lines (pictured above right).

Presenting the warm and rustic look of terracotta, Fornace tiles come in a size of 7cm by 28cm to create ‘brick’ walls with rich and strong colours. These tiles are perfect for adding colour, texture and personality to flat surfaces.

Available in six monochrome colours and a wide variety of sizes (including a hexagon shape pictured above right), the Rewind collection of concrete-inspired tiles feature great design versatility. Use them to create a neutral canvas for your interiors, or in combination with other materials such as timber-inspired tiles for surfaces with distinct personality.

For your outdoor paving needs, there is the Stoneway collection, which consists of several tile families giving you a huge amount of options in terms of colouration, size and thickness, to meet various design intentions. When using stone-inspired tiles outdoors, there is also the bonus of easy installation and maintenance over using natural materials.

Ragno has timber-inspired tiles covered too. Woodgrace (pictured above left) offers the natural shades of bleached oak in a collection with five colour options in planks of 25cm by 150cm, as well as chevron shapes which provide rich possibilities in terms of laying patterns. If you prefer more distinctive woodgrain patterns, go for Woodchoice (pictured above right), a collection of small chevron-shaped tiles in the same stylich colour options as Woodgrace.

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